Construction Details

Please phone Chris Weir for advice on material sizes and spacings.
Phone 0356 278446

Step by step construction:

Step 1

Level ground work and step the site if required.


Step 2

Place posts at correct position, centre to suit engineers specifications for height of wall.  Make the posts a little longer than required and cut off after the wall is constructed.

Eg: 1.2 height wall requires 1.2 meter centers of post in 150 X 150 sawn.

Step 3

Level the first row and use galvanised bolts to fix this row in place.  It is critical that the first row is correctly placed.


Step 4

When the first row is fixed off, place the next row in place with the joints staggered. 

ie: Don't place joints from each row on top of each other.  (This would weaken the wall)


Step 5

Place drainage if required.  It is advisable to construct the wall far enough away from the earth face the allow for screenings and drainage pipes to be easily placed .  It also gives you room to move around the wall.

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