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Environmentally friendly arsenic free treated timber

Using patented copper and azole co-biocide preservative technology, TANALISED® ECOWOOD™ incorporates Tanalith® E, one of the most successful new wood preservatives introduced throughout the world in recent times, and is fully approved in Australia and New Zealand.
TANALISED® ECOWOOD™ is ideal for situations where treated timber products must meet the highest expectations of user, community and environmental safety.

Tanalised® Ecowood™ is suitable for H3 (above ground), H4 (ground contact) and H5 (softwood only) as defined in AS1604 -Specification for preservative treatment, which covers most exterior applications in building and construction, landscaping and rural uses.

What is Tanalised Ecowood?

Tanalised Ecowood is timber that has been vacuum pressure impregnated with Tanalith E copper based wood preservative. Tanalith E is a new generation wood preservative that is based on copper and a synthetic co-biocide called tebuconazole.

Is it safe?

Yes. The preservative used in Tanalised® Ecowood™ is approved by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) even for wood products used in applications involving contact with children and other frequent human contact situations.
None of the constituents of Tanalised® Ecowood™ are considered to be toxic or harmful at the levels present in the timber.

New wood preservatives such as Tanalith E which is used in Tanalised Ecowood are carefully screened by a number of government agencies such as the Federal Department of Health, the National Occupational Health & Safety Commission and Environment
Australia. Thus, consumers can be assured that these products do not represent unacceptable risks to their families, the community or the environment.

Material Safety data sheets are available for further information.

How do I know that these new preservatives work?

The patented copper and azole preservative technologies used in Tanalised® Ecowood™ were originally developed for the European market over 20 years ago. It is the result of many years of research and development with alternative copper based timber preservative formulations and is approved in over 20 countries worldwide.
In Australia and New Zealand, extensive testing performed in accordance with established criteria by the CSIRO and other research organisations provided support for approval by the APVMA.
Subsequently, Tanalith® E (copper azole) has gained approval under relevant state legislation and AS1604 - Specification for preservative treatment.

Is it guaranteed?

Yes. In addition to all consumer rights conferred under the Trade Practices Act, Arch Wood Protection and our partner suppliers offer the Tanalised® structural guarantee on Ecowood™ against decay and termite attack when installed correctly for the appropriate hazard class. Contact your Tanalised® timber supplier or Arch Wood Protection for further details.

Can I use TANALISED® ECOWOOD™ around food, water, vegetables or other plants?

Tanalised® Ecowood™ is suitable for gardens, landscaping, mushroom trays, grape and tomato stakes, greenhouse uses and similar applications.
As with any treated wood, Tanalised® Ecowood™ should not be used in direct contact with human food or drinking water during storage or preparation.
Incidental contact of food with treated timber, such as in play grounds, picnic tables and decks is fine as there is little or no potential for migration of the preservative onto the food.
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